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February 2014


Welcome to The BioPure Bulletin. Our newsletter is one way that we stay in touch with friends and customers to share new product announcements and feature articles. In this Bulletin, we’d like to introduce you to two new and very interesting products that have a special relevance this particular month. As always, we welcome and encourage your questions, comments, and feedback.

Happy Valentine’s Month!

The Heart of the Matter

BioPure is proud to introduce two new sister products, Kardia-K and Kardia-N. The name ‘Kardia’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘heart’ which is particularly relevant as both products support a healthy functioning cardiovascular system. While the two formulas share specific ingredients, as well as health benefits, it is important to be aware of their unique features and differences.

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ZeoBind is made from the mineral cliniptilolite. It assists the body in removing
toxins such as heavy metals, radionuclides, viral components, and molds. See the December issue of the BioPure Bulletin, and the BioPure website for more detailed information. ZeoBind comes in capsules.



The ‘K’ in Kardia-K refers to the K vitamins present in this formula. Vitamin K was first identified by Henrik Dam, a Danish scientist studying cholesterol metabolism in chicks afflicted with abnormal hemorrhaging. He discovered that the hemorrhaging was due to deficiency of a particular fat- soluble nutrient involved in blood coagulation. He named the substance vitamin K, utilizing the first letter in the Scandinavian word ‘koagulation’. Since then, research has identified different forms of vitamin K and more than one important role that they play in the human body. The most common type of vitamin K is K1 (also called ‘phylloquinone’). It is crucial to normal blood clotting and is readily obtained by eating leafy green vegetables. Vitamin K2 (also called menaquinone) comes in several different forms determined by the number of isoprenoid side chains in the molecule. It can be manufactured by our intestinal bacteria or ingested by eating meats, cheeses, and fermented foods. K2 is critical to proper calcium metabolism. It is this role, supporting a healthy skeletal system, that is targeted by Kardia-K, while Kardia-N focuses more on fostering a well-functioning cardiovascular system.

Some of the key processes involved in proper bone growth and structure depend on a balanced interplay of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K in the body. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, and K vitamins seem to have the ability to act somewhat like a hormone regulating calcium metabolism, and directing the mineral into the skeletal system instead of being deposited in arterial plaque. BioPure’s Kardia-K formula supplies calcium, along with

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Czaga come from a rare fungus, Inonotus obliquus. It strengthens antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunity reactions, and assists the body in maintaining proper blood sugar metabolism, as well as providing hepatic, cardiovascular, and nervous system support. Czaga comes in powder form and is usually brewed into a tea. See the website for more information.

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vitamin D, K1, and two forms of K2, menaquinone-4 and -7.

The “N” in Kardia-N refers to nattokinase, an enzyme obtained from the fermentation of soybeans. The bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto produces nattokinase as it breaks down the
proteins in soybeans, resulting in a slimy, sticky, aromatic character that has made “natto” a favorite traditional food in Japanese culture. In the 1980’s, scientist Hiroyuki Sumi, discovered that nattokinase was capable of dissolving the fibrous material known as thrombin that makes up blood clots. Since then, no other enzyme has been found to match the potency, safety, and long-lasting fibrinolytic activity of nattokinase. Along with other beneficial plant extracts, BioPure’s Kardia- N contains 200mg of nattokinase per capsule. This food- based dietary supplement may help the body support the management of disorders such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, stroke, and in maintaining the overall health of the cardiovascular system. Nattokinase is also a potent source of the menaquinone-7 form of Vitamin K2.

Both Kardia-K and Kardia-N contain Grape Seed extract, which also affects the process of blood-clotting, but via a different mechanism. While nattokinase serves to dissolve thrombin, Grape seed extract inhibits platelet aggregation in a manner similar to aspirin. Grape Seed extract can also relax the endothelium of blood vessel walls, strengthen capillaries, arteries and veins, and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.

Both products contain extracts of Feverfew, Bilberry, and White Willow bark. These three herbs have been used in traditional medicine and have been confirmed through research to further support a healthy cardiovascular system by stimulating circulation and assisting in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory reactions. Feverfew and/or White Willow have been used to help relieve pain and discomfort from migraine headaches, arthritis, toothaches, cramps, and fevers.

As with all BioPure’s products, it is important to consult a professional healthcare practitioner before using either of

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Traditional Japanese Natto

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the Kardia products. This is especially critical if you are taking Warfarin, Coumadin, or other similar prescribed drugs for blood thinning, because the products may interfere with or compound the effects of one another.

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