BioPure Brazilian Green Propolis


From Bee Resin, Brazilian Green propolis extract supports antioxidant processes.  BioPure Brazilian Green Propolis from Brazilian Bees is extraordinarily useful aid to health, a liquid blend of gluten-free, 55% organic corn ethanol.

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    BioPure Brazilian Green Propolis comes from Brazilian Bees comes this extraordinarily useful aid to natural health.* BioPure’s Propolis is purified by extraction and is sold as a liquid tincture blend of gluten-free, 55% organic corn ethanol, and purified water; offered in a 1 fl oz liquid tincture with dropper.

    Suggested Use

    • Intended for internal or external use.

    Suggested Serving:

    • 1 squeeze of the dropper or about 1 mL cow’s milk or milk alternative of choice. Approximately 30 servings per container.


    • A proprietary blend of Brazilian Green Propolis and 55% organic ethanol and purified water.

    We obtain raw ingredients and materials from ethical and reliable suppliers worldwide. We use organic, gluten-free alcohol made from corn produced without the use of bioengineering, and we use state-of-the art USP purified water systems for all dilutions involving water.


    ALLERGY WARNING:  Use with caution if allergic to bees or plant pollens. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. 

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