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    BioPure Stephania herbal extract is made from the Stephania tetrandra plant is a perennial climbing vine in the Menispermaceae family, native to tropical and subtropical areas of China and Taiwan.

    It is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for its support with blood sugar, allergies, the immune system, blood clotting, relaxation of the muscular walls of blood vessels, and constipation relief.* Stephania has a thick cylindrical root which is the source for most of its medicinal bioactive compounds.

    Suggested Use

    • Intended for internal or external use.

    Servings per Container

    • 60 (serving size is about 20 drops)


    • A proprietary blend of Stephania (root), organic ethanol (55%) and purified water.
    • We obtain raw ingredients and materials from ethical and reliable suppliers worldwide. We use organic, gluten-free alcohol made from corn that has not been genetically engineered, and we use state-of-the art USP purified water systems for all dilutions involving water.


    • Possible contraindications include constipation.
    • Do not use when pregnant, nursing or for small children unless recommended by your practitioner.

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