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Quintessence Herbal Tincture 4 fl oz Discounts Apply !
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Quintessence Herbal Tincture 4 fl oz

BioPure's herbal tinctures are each chosen for its specific health-supporting properties and strictly selected from the finest harvests. BioPure selects products grown in an environment free of fertilizers and insecticides. Our formulas are based on herbs with a proven historical track record in traditional healing therapies that have been used for centuries.

Quintessence is a combination of five herbal tinctures that work together creating a potent broad spectrum approach to immune system support. The formula includes: Andrographis paniculata (King of Bitters),Ceanothus americanus (RedRoot),Stephania tetrandra (Han Fang Ji), Smilax glabra (sarsaparilla), and Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese Knotweed). All five of these herbs have long histories of use in traditional medicine for their microbial defense, and immune support and inflammatory response support benefits. All five have also been used to help with Lyme disease and its coinfections.


Andrographis has also shown hepatoprotective characteristics, and some effectiveness inhibiting HIV infections. Red Root is an astringent and expectorant, helping with sore throats, flus, gastrointestinal problems, and reducing stagnation in the lymphatic system. Stephania supports skin and joint health. Smilax may promote hormonal balance. Knotweed contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which can lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.


Suggested Serving: 1 drop per day for 4 days, doubling the serving every 4 days until the full serving of 16 drops per day is reached. If side effects are experienced, reduce to the last tolerable serving.
Recommendation: put drops in 1 or 2oz filtered, organic apple juice to hide the bitter taste.


Not intended for use for children or during pregnancy or when breast feeding except under the care of a licensed medical practitioner.

Dosages, indications and any other information contained herein is suggested use only and not to be considered treatment recommendations. Please consult with a healthcare provider for treatment of any illness or condition, especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or considering treating a child. We suggest that you consult a licensed physician if you have any health problems and you require a medical diagnosis or medical advice or treatment. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For all matters that relate to your health, please contact your physician.

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